Printing Inks

Non-reactive Polyamide Resins

Non-reactive Polyamide Resins – Used in flexographic and gravure printing inks and overprint varnishes. Provide inks with fast solvent release which facilitates high printing speed, excellent water and ice pack resistance, good blocking, gloss, and grease resistance, excellent color retention that makes it suitable for white and pastel inks. Alcohol and co-solvent soluble grades are available.

Rosin Esters

Phenolic-Modified Rosin Ester – Provides ink with good scratch resistance and soap and alkali resistance. Used in letterpress and offset inks and varnishes.

Fumaric Modified – Provides varnishes with good ammonia solubility, excellent alcohol solubility and low odor. Provides very rapid solvent release and permits heat sealing immediately after the applied inks have been set as a result of its extreme solubility in petroleum solvents.

Maleic Modified – Has excellent compatibility with most alkyd resins, nitrocellulose and oils and plasticizers. It imparts hardness and depth of finish when used as modifying resin in nitrocellulose lacquers. Provides required hardness and gloss in overprint varnishes, imparts rapid bodying and provides exceptionally pale and color retentive varnishes for both air and baking finishes. Available in solid and solution form.

Isophthalic Hard Resin – Provides inks with high gloss, low color, and good scratch and chemical resistance. Used for gloss, non-yellowing overprint varnishes and mixing varnishes.

Modified Alkyd Resins

Rosin and Phenolic – Modified Short Oil Linseed Alkyd – Provide coatings with fast-drying property, unusually good adhesion, excellent hardness and durability. For fast-drying industrial enamels, e.g., marine and furniture enamels, traffic paints. Grades are available for making lift-resistant primers and surfacers for lacquer systems.

Styrenated Alkyd-Acrylic Resin – Has outstanding combination of hardness and flexibility, good adhesion and toughness, good color and gloss retention even on overbaking. Recommended for use as sole vehicle or as an amino resin modified vehicle for roller, strip or coil coating of thin metals for cans, caps, closures and other formed articles.

Saturated Polyester Resins

Saturated Polyester Resins – Recommended for high performance applications, such as coatings for roof, appliances, aluminum siding and other post formable goods requiring a very flexible coating. Could also be used as primer for automotives. These resins provide tough and very flexible coatings with good mechanical properties and excellent chemical resistances, excellent adhesion through severe metal forming operations.